Welcome to Monicalogues! 

Ko Rangitoto te maunga te rū nei taku ngākau

Rangitoto is the mountain that speaks to my heart

Ko Tāmaki te awa e mahea nei aku māharahara

Tāmaki is the river that alleviates my worries

Nō Tāmaki Makaurau ahau / I’m from Auckland

E mihi ana ki ngā tohu o nehe, o Kirikiroa e noho nei au

I recognise the ancestral and spiritual landmarks of Hamilton where I live

Ko Monica Peters ahau / My name is Monica Peters

Monicalogues was originally set up to create a forum for communicating my PhD research on community environmental groups, restoration and citizen science to a wide audience. Since completing my PhD in 2016, I’ve continued to work on projects throughout Aotearoa that lie at the interface between science, the public, land use and biodiversity conservation.

In more recent years as people+science Ltd, the site:
• provides summaries of key citizen science and environmental restoration workshops, seminars, conferences and events
• showcases community-led ecological restoration action and biodiversity conservation initiatives, New Zealand and international citizen science projects and programmes

Most weeks, no matter the weather or if it’s still dark, you’ll see me tackle an early morning double ascent of the Hakarimata Steps. I use the time to reflect (between breaths!) on our relationship to the environment.

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