I have an inquiring mind and research lies at the heart of what I do

Community conservation and citizen science are fascinating topics that have kept me engaged for well over two decades of practice both in Aotearoa New Zealand and abroad. Further topics centre on how we relate to and manage our environment.  

Some of the questions I’ve tackled over the years though university and for various clients:

  • What does the current community conservation landscape look like?
  • What are the root causes of wetland loss in New Zealand?
  • How can farmers utilise peat land more sustainably?
  • What motivates volunteers, scientists and citizen scientists?
  • What barriers do volunteers and coordinators/managers experience in their conservation efforts?  
  • How can citizen science fill data gaps and support environmental decision-making?
  • How do farmers gauge the condition and quality of their soils?

My research sits more comfortably in the socio-cultural sphere although at university I typically landed in science, rather than social science departments. As such, my research often cuts across different disciplines and sectors… but that’s also what keeps it interesting and relevant!  

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